Friday, October 30, 2009

blog the first...

it's now official, our inaugural issue is now OUT for public consumption! there is a lot of love, appreciation and dedication that goes into the creation of a quality literary journal. it's a balancing act involving your own personal aesthetics & vision against the skill, competence and creativity of those submitting their work to you. it sounds cliché, but it's a 2-way trust that you hope is built upon; a creative push-and-shove that produces the best possible product to deliver to the waiting eyes of those starved for literature that reflects them and their experiences... or at least, gives them a working fantasy to opt into.

we appreciate the trust of the writers selected for our first issue and we hope they feel as honored to be in it as we are honored to have them...
(promised myself i wasnt gwan cry!)

mythium issue 1.1 fall/winter 2009
featuring the literary works of:

Michael Harper, Torie Michelle Anderson, David Keali'i, Ernest Williamson III, Opal Palmer Adisa, Kyla Marshell, Reginald Harris, Remica Bingham, Rickey Laurentiis, Sean Labrador y Manzano, Joanne C. Hillhouse, Andre Howard, Truth Thomas, Sankar Roy, Alan King, Tolu Jegade, Michael Martin, Tara Betts, Derrick Weston Brown, K. Danielle Edwards, Rane Arroyo, Honoree Fanonne Jeffers, Myronn Hardy, Peju Adeniran, Saudade, Shannon Gibney, Tuere T.S. Ganges, and Pamela Jackson