Saturday, June 12, 2010

call for submissions!

whether you write seriously well or you feel serious about your writing, then you should submit to us...

nothing under the sun is new, but if you've developed an original perspective for your literary narratives, then we'd like to see. be nuanced. add insight. deconstruct your dilemmas and/or what you day-dream about, reconstruct it through words and pull us deeply within them.

or just ball it up and throw it at us as hard as you can... we'll catch, duck or knock it down.
(takes about 3 months)

send 3-5 of your best poems to

send fiction and creative nonfiction limited to 5,000 words to

send all emailed submissions as ATTACHED FILES ONLY!
submissions that are included as part of the body of your emails will automatically be rejected.

send physical manuscripts with s.a.s.e. respectively to -
     attn: poetry OR attn: fiction
     mythium literary journal
     1428 north forbes rd
     lexington, ky 40511

see our website for full guidelines.

subscription payments are accepted via paypal using as the account name.

issue 1.2 spring/summer

featuring the works of:

Nikky Finney, Bettina Judd, Ian Williams, Kimberly Alidio, Marcus Wicker, Sergio Ortiz, Octavio Quintanilla, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Derold Sligh, Ruth Ellen Kocher, Yalonda JD Green, Michelle Peñaloza, Kevin Vaughn, Carrza DuBose, Cynthia Parker-Ohene, Niki Escobar, Adrian Potter, Makalani Bandele, Alison Roh Park, M. Ayodele Heath, Radames Ortiz, Aisha Sharif, Stephanie Pruitt, F. Geoffrey Johnson, Sheila Smith McKoy, Kelli Stevens Kane, CB Strand, Melanie Henderson, Phillip B. Williams, L. Lamar Wilson, Mira Martin-Parker, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, and Ebony Golden

Juyanne James, Jacinda Townsend, Sanderia Faye Smith, Tony Robles, and Makuchi

Kalamu ya Salaam, Tara L. Masih, and Randall Horton 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the mission...

point blank, mythium is here to serve the needs of writers who are traditionally locked out of the mainstream outlets, meaning colored writers of various ethnic backgrounds and cultures who often are required to conform their narratives to 'universal standards' in order to be considered contemporary or relevant.

we just want you to be good at what you do, regardless of how you go about it.

bring us your oldwive's tales, your folklore, your mythologies, your memoirs, your literary endeavors, your out-right lies and outrageous truths and untruths... if you have a story to tell and come from a long line of long lines, then submit your stories and poems to us.

we can keep your secrets... (if 'keeping' means publishing your every word in a quality rag for the whole world to access, then yeah, that's what we mean!)